Our Chat With Alt Model @megan_reckless

We met up with the awesome Megan to shoot and have a chat about life lockdown and modelling.

You have such a great look, have you always been an alternative lady or has this developed over time?
Thank you! My style has definitely developed over time. As have my makeup skills! I loved Avril Lavigne since I first heard her, and then I discovered My Chemical Romance and Green Day as a pre-teen and there was no turning back. I started off emo/pop-punk, with fingerless gloves, tshirts and ties, studded belts, colourful jeans, and 100 wristbands. I was finally allowed to dye my hair black at 14, and at 24 our relationship is still strong! Some of the women who have influenced my style over the years are Avril Lavigne, Amy Lee, Joan Jett, Taylor Momsen, Lzzy Hale, Ash Costello, Hayley Williams, Amanda Palmer, and Emilie Autumn. My style now is filled with tattoos, fishnets, short skirts and thigh highs, lingerie, chokers, and harnesses. But lazy days are spent in oversized band tshirts, or Disney PJs and fluffy socks.
How did you find lockdown? What did you do do to keep busy?
I'm a student Veterinary Nurse, and I'm in the final year of my apprenticeship. I was only on furlough from April to mid-June, and I spent that time doing coursework and revising for my July exams. So boredom wasn't an issue. I am grateful I had therapy sessions during that time, weekly video calls with a therapist to keep me on track and ensure I was practicing self care
But through lockdown, and still now to an extent, I struggled with missing my friends and family. I miss hugging the vulnerable members of my family.
Which is your favourite pair of Pastease we make?
It is so hard to choose! Bats are so cute, black cross is a classic, and mermaid shells were so fun.
How would you describe your style?
Some kink of pop-punk/emo/goth/e-girl amalgamation?
Where can people follow you?
Instagram: @megan_reckless