About Us

Sexy Fun Freedom™

Hand-made into every Pastease product!

Pastease breast pasties have been contributing to the positive body image of hundreds of thousands of women all around the world since 2003. Pastease is the funmaker that ignites your inner goddess.

Pastease are for smiles. Pastease are for function.

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Explore the Wide World of Sexy Fun Freedom with Pastease®!

Socialize, Contribute, Voyeurize & Live Vicariously. 

Who is Pastease®? We Are!

Pastease is a family operated business that manufacturers in the USA and distributes our unique nipple covers and bikini merkins everywhere around the world. When you buy and advocate Pastease, you are not only supporting us, but a bigger idea that all women are entitled to feel really great in their own skin and be admired for the radiant feminine energy that comes with that confidence. We are the UK side of the business helping you get fast and easy shipping to the UK and Europe.  

You are also Pastease!

Become Sexy Fun Freedom when you dare to bare in Pastease. Women of all ages from everywhere and the men that love them have been enjoying the Tease for over 10 years strong. No one offers a larger variety of FUN pasties styles to match with any party theme, sexy outfit, daring bikini, sheer top, revealing dress, Hefty bag, body lotion, crazy costume or nothing at all!